August 7, 2020.  Professor Adnan Zulfiqar presented as part of the “Mapping COVID Fatwās” Project, a project that he started in March 2020 in collaboration with Harvard Law. The “Mapping COVID Fatwās” Project seeks to explore the myriad of ways in which Islamic legal scholars around the world have responded to the current pandemic. From broad commentary on the theological implications of a pandemic to narrower, practical guidance on topics ranging from congregational prayers to funeral rites, Islamic jurists have been at the forefront of helping shape the nature and success of state responses to COVID-19 in the Muslim world. Aside from looking at the nature of legal reasoning in the opinions being issued, this webinar will touch on what the role of Islamic law in the pandemic tells us about the competing authority of the state versus religious scholars, as well as the delicate balancing of science and tradition. Presentation available here.  For more information about the project, see blog entries here.